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Conditions of carriage starting

1. General

The transport of the passenger and his or her luggage (including hand luggage, accompanying goods, vehicle, trailers or equivalents) and cargo (trucks, lorries, tankers or similar consignments) is governed by these general conditions of transport and paragraph 2 of the applicable legal provisions.

Transportation in accordance with the terms of transport begins when the passenger or cargo carrying vehicle drives or enters the ship by ramp at the departure place and ends when the passenger or cargo carrying vehicle drives or walks from the ship’s ramp onto the destination lands.

The passenger and the driver of a cargo carrying vehicle are obliged to follow the given provisions regarding order and security during the course of the transport.

2. Responsibility

The carrier’s liability for damage that has occurred during the trip is determined in its entirety by the Maritime Act (L 674/1994).

The carrier is responsible for personal and travel item damage resulting to the passenger and a cargo carrying vehicle driver, and for damage upon for trucks, lorries, tankers or similar consignments, if the damage results from a mistake or omission of the carrier or from actions under his or her responsibility..

The carrier is not liable for money, securities, art objects or other particularly valuable travel items and is neither responsible for live animals.

The carrier is not responsible for damages, losses or expenses arising from delays.